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ah one question, when i have one palette i want to use for different images with different colors.can your tool force them all to use the same color palette ? because mathematically this is not possible because this process only uses colors that are near the same value as the image has and change them, not totally search for specific colors and substitute them.

you should work with the dev of Retro Diffusion together.See you in his discord.

Is there a way to change the output size.  I.E. I put in a texture of size 384 x 384  and  I would like the output to be this size and not 128x128.


The Resolution slider in the upper right, below the palettes does exactly that! :D Right click the slider for numeric input.

Right click for the win!  For some reason, was defaulting to a resolution smaller than the source image and the slier was at max.  Thanks.

This is a fantastic tool, I love the output! Could you please consider adding the support of more colors than 8-bit in future updates? I purchased it to convert to DMC palette which is 500-ish colors and found that only first 256 from the hex file are used.

Hey, thanks for the kind words! I’ll look into it :)

Hello, I want to ask but why is the export size output always small on my pc? for the example if I try to work on 1000pxl size it  becomes 128pxl ;;

Hey :) Could it be that the source image you’re using already has a size of 128px?


Hey, great tool, just bought it today - but I'm finding the export save function isn't working ( Windows 10, 64 bit ). There's no output file created on export for me.

Oh that’s weird! Let’s figure out where the problem lies :)

Have you tried the usual things like running as administrator, making sure you have write permission for the export location, etc?

Same error. I'm in W11. The new version could not export png. 

Bug fixed, thank you!

Running as administrator makes the performance worse.

Thank you for the feedback guys, the bug is fixed now :) Somewhere during the windows build process, a tab character was turned into space characters, and the engine did NOT like that!


Cheers for that, much appreciated. Great tool!


Do you have an idea when the "importing palettes from file" feature update will happen? It's been fun to mess around with, but I'm waiting to use it more in earnest when this feature is added. 

Hey, thanks for the question! I’m currently on a big update that’s gonna bring an entirely new level of functionality to Ditherdragon, but it’s taking some time.

I was originally planning on releasing palette files together with the next big update, but I’ll think about releasing it separately rather sooner than later! :)

Great, thank you! Really looking forward to it!

Update is out! :)

Would def buy this if it supported custom palettes.

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You can already import custom palettes from :) Importing from a file is coming very soon aswell :D

EDIT: It is now also possible to load local .hex file palettes!

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Just purchased DitherDragon.  Decided to support this project instead of waiting until you can load custom palettes.  At least for me on Win 10 I can never slide the resolution back to 100 percent using the mouse.  Is there another method to control the resolution level?  This happens most often with larger tile/sprite sheets like 640x480 on up.


Hm, thats a weird bug, I’ve not had that happen before… I’ll try to replicate that behaviour to find out whats causing this for you. In the meantime you can right click the slider to put in a numeric value :)


This looks awesome! Super cool tool to have as a solo dev!

Do you plan on having a free demo available for people to test before buying?


Purchased a couple days ago and finding it very useful. A few last features after today's update are all that's remaining for it to be usable within an art pipeline (which is necessary for a tool like this.)

  • Command line support so it can be used programmatically as part of a real pipeline
  • Palette improvements - ability to remember palettes and load from somewhere other than lospec (even export/import from local file would be nice)
  • Settings import/export to save your workflow

Thanks for the quick improvements so far!


Great tool but can you please ad drag and drop support for the images. It would be a great QOL feature.

Already being developed! Will be released in the next couple of days, together with batch processing / animation and other improvements :)

Thank god!

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Delivers great looking results, but please consider adding a way to save parameter presets to file. This is incredibly important for efficiency in production. If I have one preset for UI stuff and one for character sprites for instance. I want to be able to load them up quickly and not spend time typing in parameters.

Other ideas: Drag/drop picture loading or paste images from clipboard would be nice too


I totally agree, and others have already made similar suggestions. I will start work on this very soon! :D

Awesome. Keep up the great work, I'm glad to see more Godot made software.


Hello. I wish they would add commands to better edit the images, such as drag and drop, rotate, invert, etc. In addition to options to choose the size of the image. I will be attentive to the updates. Great tool.

This is cool! Kind of wish it came with an image to use as a desktop icon for the app, though.

Oh, is there no icon for you? If so, what platform; Windows or Linux?


The desktop icon can now be found in the downloads section :)

Oh, an SVG– fancy!

Question: Was this made from an AI database? Asking as the copywrite laws are up in the air in my country and I do not wish to use it thinking I have rights to use it commercially, only to discover that is not the case in the future. 

Looks super impressive tho!


Thanks for the question, there is not a bit of AI in Ditherdragon. It’s all good old algorithms!


Hi, seems like a nice tool, but it really lacks more presentation and examples, like how it works with photos maybe is the most interesting for me.  And you should probably show more palettes in a videos.

Also would be nice to see how versatile it is in terms of how many different styles can the original picture be transformed into using different combination of settings :)

Gonna keep and eye on it, hope for updates!

Wasn't clear if you can apply your own custom palettes.  My biggest nightmare is making paid assets conform to a specific set of 15 + transparency colors for the sega genesis.  Existing tools sometimes get the color wrong but don't let you easily manually specify an alternative.  That feature would put you ahead of everyone else - especially existing free tools.


You can absolutely use custom palettes! You can load any palette on

I think I will also add the ability to load custom palettes from local files the next couple of days :)

Looking forward to it.   The tools I use are very picky about the palette I use so using only lospec isn't an option.